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​At Dansk Trykluft Industri, we have technicians all over the country, so you can easily and quickly receive expert advice, service and installation of compressed air compressors and everything related to this.

SIMPLEXX Oil-free compressor

132 - 275 kW, 4,0 – 10,4 bar, 9,4 – 48,6 m³/min

100% oil-free compressed air of the highest quality is good for your wallet and the environment.

This high-quality compressed air has long been standard in the medical, pharmaceutical, food production and in electronics industries. It is increasingly used where there are requirements for high-quality, clean products and processes for manufacturing and where contamination must be avoided.

​DUPLEXX offers:

  • Energy-saving speed control mounted as standard
  • Directly driven without clutch or gear
  • Permanent FPS coating on compressor rotors for consistently high efficiency
  • Intelligent control for optimal energy-saving adjustment to meet requirements
  • Variable, "adjustable" compression ratio between first + second compressor stage thanks to ALMiG π-control ®

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